A Wi-Fi Extender is a device that expands the Wi-Fi signal in those areas of the house, where the signal can’t reach even with a powerful router. The basic phenomenon of using a Wi-Fi range extender is to increase the range of the wireless signal in order to provide the maximum signal coverage to users. When it comes to who manufactures the best Wi-Fi range extenders, then that has to be ‘NETGEAR’.

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Netgear has been manufacturing networking products for the past many years, thus having an ample amount of experience to know what users want. A product that can be considered as a feather in the cap of Netgear products is ‘Netgear Ex2700’, which is a Wi-Fi range extender that is going to boost the signal strength many folds. However, before it does that, it needs to be properly set up on the premises.

How To Setup Netgear Ex2700 Via WPS?

Netgear Ex2700 is empowered with WPS feature that helps it to connect to devices having WPS capability. To install Netgear Ex2700 Wi-Fi extender using the WPS button, follow these steps:

  1. Place the Wi-Fi extender in the same room in which the Wi-Fi router is kept.

  2. You need to ensure that the internet signal is coming from the main router. Along with that, you need to confirm that WPS feature is available in the router.

Note: WPS doesn’t support WEP security, so you will have to make changes to the security of the main router to WPA2-PSK(AES) in order to get the best performance.

  1. Power up the Wi-Fi extender by plugging it into a wall outlet and wait until the Power LED becomes stable. If the LED doesn’t turn on, then you will have to press ‘On/Off’ button given on the side panel of the wireless extender.

  2. Press ‘WPS’ button on the same side panel of the Wi-Fi extender for a couple of seconds. The WPS LED is going to blink.

  3. In a matter of 2 minutes, you will have to press ‘WPS’ button on the main router.

  4. The WPS LED on the Wi-Fi extender is going to turn into the solid green with the router link LED turning into the exact same color. This will confirm that the extender is connected to the main network.

  5. You can now move the Wi-Fi range extender to the location where the signal range is poor or nil. But, make sure that it is situated at the centre of the router and wireless devices to catch the best signal.

  6. Now, you will have to connect all your Wi-Fi enabled devices to the new SSID of the Wi-Fi extender. The Wi-Fi network name (SSID) of your extender is going to be replaced with your existing Wi-Fi network name, but there will be an added phrase at the end, i.e., ‘EXT’.

  7. The password will remain the same as before.

Note: If the WPS feature is available on your wireless devices, then you need to press ‘WPS’ button on the EXT and within two minutes, press ‘WPS’ button on the wireless device to connect both devices instantly without typing any password.

How to setup Netgear Ex2700 with Netgear Genie?

To install Netgear Ex2700 Wireless Range Extender using Netgear Genie user interface, you need to follow below-mentioned steps:

1.Make sure that the router and extender are present in the same room.

2.Keep in mind that the internet is coming from the main router.

3.Plug the Wi-Fi extender into the power outlet and then, wait until the power LED glows and becomes stable. If it doesn’t turn on, then press ‘on/off’ button given on the side panel of the Wi-Fi extender.

4.Connect a wireless device or a laptop that has a web browser to Ex2700.

·For a wired connection, you will have to connect an Ethernet cable on the LAN port of the Wi-Fi extender and as you do that, the LAN port LED will blink.

·For wireless connection, you need to find the wireless network name with an extension ‘_EXT’, which is unsecured.

Once you are connected, the device link LED is going to illuminate solid green.

5.Open your web browser, which is going to take you to Netgear Genie to assist you with the installation process.

Note: In case, you don’t see Netgear Genie after opening your browser, then type www.mywifiext.net’ in the address bar of the browser or enter ‘’. After that, you will have to enter a username and password, which will be ‘admin’ and ‘password’.

You are going to see another window, so click ‘Continue’ to run the setup.

6.Wait until Netgear Genie scans your Wi-Fi network.

7.You will see all the available networks within the range of Wi-Fi extender, so select your network from the list and click ‘Continue’.

8.Enter the password of your wireless network followed by clicking ‘Continue’.

9.The name of your network is going to be ‘SSID’ by default followed by _EXT at the end. So, you need to select ‘use the same security and password as those of the existing network’.

Note: You can customize SSID and wireless password as per your personal preference. You will see a pop-up window appearing on the screen to inform you that you should have another SSID. Click ‘OK’ followed by unchecking the box corresponding to ‘Using the same security and password’ so you can change it as per your liking. Once you are done with it, click ‘Continue’.

10.The Wi-Fi extender’s wireless settings have been changed now and so, you will have to connect to your network prior to clicking ‘Continue’.

11.Once you connect your wireless devices to the new wireless network, click ‘Finish’ to complete the installation.

12.Place the Wi-Fi extender to your preferred location, but keep in mind that it is in between your wireless devices and router to get a good signal.

Follow aforementioned steps to perform Netgear Ex2700 setup. By the end of the setup process, you will be able to receive a strong Wi-Fi signal in those areas of your house where no signal use to come in the past. If you come across any issue while setting up Netgear Ex2700, then you should take help of Netgear help and support.