6 Different Types Of Browser Errors You Will Find On New Extender2700 Setup

We will go through the 6 different types of errors you will find while configuring new Range extender2700 along with the solution.

  1. 404, Not found: If you are logging into mywifiext.net and getting ‘404’ not found an error on screen, then it means the page you are trying to access is not valid or doesn’t exist. Check the spellings of URL. If the URL is correct and still getting the same error message, then it means the web address is permanently removed from the server.
  2. Unable to connect: If your browser is showing ‘Unable to connect’ message on the screen or the Google Chrome is displaying ‘Couldn’t connect’ message after installing Netgear Ex2700 Setup with the network, then it means there is a problem with the DNS server and there is destination server but the problem with the requested server. The server will keep on trying to connect to the destination server but unable to connect to it.

Solution: This problem occurs when the requested website is down or having some trouble. With the help of online tools or third-party software’s, you can check the status of a website whether it is down or not. There can be multiple reasons like proxy settings, network adapters or settings behind the problem.

  1. Certificate error: The next type of error that user generally faces is ‘Certificate error’ on the browser after extender setup. This certificate error is related to security or SSL certificate error. This error shows an issue with the encryption. All those users who are connecting through HTTPS will face this error.

With HTTPS encryption, you can easily find out if the website is secured or not. This certificate error shows whether you are connecting to the right or trusted the website or not.

Solution: It may also happen if the website failed to configure or the certificate is not renewed. Whatever is the reason, it is recommended not to open such website.

  1. Customized error pages: Website developers have the ability to alter the ‘404’ not found error or other messages on the screen. The primary motive remains the same, the only difference is to make the error friendlier.
  2. Phishing and malware warnings: While setting up the new range extender Ex2700, your browser may display phishing or malware warning. This is common on all the platforms whether it is Google, Mozilla or Internet Explorer. Your web browser most of the times download malicious contents from websites. When you try to open the website, you will find the error on the screen.

You will be unable to filter out the real or fake site. The malicious website will look like a real website and when you open such website, all your personal data like password, usernames can be hacked.

If you are getting such error message on any website, then it is wiser not to open any website.

  1. Server not found: This is a common error that users come across on a routine If you find ‘Server not found’ error on screen, then there is nothing to worry. In such condition, you won’t be able to access the website. This error mostly occurs when the URL is mistyped or wrongly entered. Improper DNS settings can also cause the problem.

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