How To Change The Security Mode And Wireless Channel Of Netgear Extender2700?

Sometimes, you will feel as if your Range Extender is prone to some threats. Under such circumstances, it is better to change the channel and security mode of Netgear Range Extender. If you don’t know how to change both the connectivity things, then you need to follow the steps mentioned here as under:

1st step: Connect the devices together: You must connect all the devices together. Connect the computer to the Netgear Ex2700 setup through Ethernet cable.

Check if the LAN port light is started blinking or not. If not, then change the Ethernet cable or change the port. If it is blinking, then move forward.

2nd step: Login to the website by entering the IP address given at the back of Netgear Ex2700. Enter the same IP in the web browser and log in with the username and password. In general, the username is ‘Admin’ and the password is ‘Admin’. If you have changed it, then enter new details.

In case you find any problem, you can go to ‘Setup page’ from the user guide.

3rd step: Changing the wireless channel: If you want to have the best networking speed on your device, then you have to change the channel. The list of channels is available on every network. You can download the SSIDer tool to check the availability of channels.

  • In case the channel is not accessible, you can try the manual method to change the channel of your network. Check which channel is performing the best out of 11 channels.

Steps to change channel is:

  • Go to ‘Advanced settings’ from the login page.
  • Tap on ‘Wireless settings’ Followed by ‘Main menu’.
  • Open basic settings and search for ‘Submenu’. You will find the page opened similar to the one opened previously on screen.
  • Look up the channel according to your need and requirement and lock it from the Drop-down menu.
  • Click to ‘Save’.

How to change security mode?

For best security, the settings preferred are WPA2 and WPA PSK. With these securities, you can get better signal strength and the stable connection.

Steps for changing the security mode are:

  1. Open ‘Advanced’ settings from the setup page by logging into it.
  2. Tap ‘WLAN’ settings from the home menu.
  3. Go to ‘Wireless settings’ and click on ‘Submenu’. You will find the image on the screen.
  4. Search for security mode and change it. For Netgear Ex2700, you can select WPA2, WPA2-PSK, and WPA personal or mixed security.

Note: You can also prefer AES as WPA algorithm to WPA2 encryption on wireless range extender.

In case the security mode you want to select is not available on Netgear Ex2700, you can disable the security and disconnect all the wireless devices connected to it. This case normally observed in old windows PC and devices. You can use Access control option in such cases.

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