How To Connect Netgear Ex2700 To The Cable Modem?

Cable Modem

Netgear routers are known for best-in-class performance and work well with all the networking devices. In case,  you want to connect the Netgear router to the internet connection, you can do this with the help of Smart Wizard User provided with the Ex2700 itself.

Connecting Netgear to the Cable Modem

You need a computer, Netgear Ex2700 and Modem to connect the Router to the modem.

Connect your modem to the computer via Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port at the back side of Netgear router.

After connecting the devices, restart all devices and wait till it gets rebooted.

Login to the Netgear Router’s Portal

After successful connection, log in to the Netgear router’s portal and start reading on-screen instructions to setup Ex2700.

Open Browser and go to Netgear IP address or simply enter the URL of Netgear.

The login window will be opened with the home page.

Here, enter the login details as given on the back side of the router. The default values are ‘Admin’ and password is ‘Password’.

Ensure that you are typing the right spellings with case sensitive.

Click ‘Login’ button and you will find the ‘Dashboard’.

Working with ‘Setup wizard’

Now, comes the technical part where you need to configure the router to the Cable internet connection.

After you logged into the account, from the left panel, check the ‘Setup wizard’.

Tap ‘Setup wizard’, you will find the network connection automatically get detected.

Click ‘Next’.

For cable connection, the Dynamic IP will get generated and displayed on the screen. Click ‘Next’.

You don’t need to change the configurations until you find the DNS information.

Click ‘Apply’ all changes.

To check the status

Once the steps are performed, you need to check the status of your connection.

Check the Router status from the left panel of the screen and click on ‘Maintenance’.

Check ‘Router status’.

You will find the complete information about the router on screen.

If you find the valid IP address in the box, then it means the extender is successfully connected to the broadband modem.

If you find ‘No value’ or ‘’ on the screen, then it means there is some error in the connection and the extender is not connected to the cable modem.

To troubleshoot the extender, follow the steps mentioned below:

If you are successfully connected to the modem but still not getting the network, then follow the below-mentioned tricks.

Check wired connection

Check wired connection whether all the wires are properly connected. If any wire is cracked or loose, then you will find a problem in connecting the router to the extender.

Reset home network

This includes resetting of devices in your network. Most of the time, resetting resolves all the issues. To reset the network, turn off devices, then turn it on again after few seconds.

Check for the latest firmware

Make sure your firmware is latest and you can check the latest version of firmware from the online link.

Reset router

If you still find any problem, then the last way to get rid of it is to reset the router or take an expert opinion.

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