How To Fix ‘Device Not Managed’ Problem On Ubuntu While Configuring On Netgear Ex2700?

Some people on the discussion forum have posted that they have tried to configure Netgear Ex2700 setup through Ubuntu, suddenly the wired connection got disappeared from the screen.

The first thing they notice is the kind of problem they are coming across. Some of them have tried to disable the WPS option on the Ex2700 model. Some are getting ‘Ethernet connection not available’ message under ‘Device not managed’ menu.

Our main concern is ‘How to fix ‘Device not managed’ error on Ubuntu while setting up Netgear Ex2700. After too many workarounds, it has come to the fore that the problem of ‘Device not managed’ is reported mainly on wired connections in Debian and Kali Linux but not on Wireless networks. When the user tried to connect their laptop or computer to the network through LAN cable, they suddenly get the message ‘Device not managed’ and they find it difficult to access the internet. It is annoying and at the same time, it is confusing as for why this error is generated. Most of the users end up searching ‘Mozilla not connecting to the internet’ or ‘Unable to access the internet from Linux’. They didn’t come to the conclusion. Today, we will go through the steps to fix the ‘Wired network interface device not managed’ error on Kali Linux.

The reason why you need to fix this error at the earliest is; most of the people are using single computer or laptop for browsing the internet and if they stuck with this irritating error, they won’t be able to use the internet and their whole work is getting affected. The permanent fix to this problem is; Setup IP address manually and browse the internet and search for instructions. This will definitely fix the problem. If you are getting the problem in obtaining the IP address manually, then you need to follow the steps mentioned here as under:

How to fix the ‘Device not managed’ error?

In Debian 6.0, you will find Kali Linux based on Debian. From here, go to ‘Network manager’ and click on ‘Interface defined’ by default.

You will find ‘Unmanaged devices’ under ‘Network manager’. These devices don’t handle the network devices. You will find this message on the GUI.

This error occurs when 2 conditions satisfy: The file contains any interface. You can enable interface from the ‘Interface management’ under ‘Network manager’.

Restart Network manager: With certain commands, you can restart network manager. You will find the interface in the ‘Network manager’ for ‘Wired’, ‘Eth0 with DHCP’. You will now be able to connect to the network and browse the internet.

Some explanations about Commands: ‘Auto Ethernet’ and ‘Auto eth0’.

Auto Ethernet means ‘Select Ethernet interface automatically’. Auto eth0 means ‘Auto configure the eth0 interface’.

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