How To Fix Kindle Fire 7 Wi-Fi Problem With The Netgear Ex2700?

Getting Wi-Fi problem on newly purchased Kindle Fire7 is very common and it is quite distressing too at the same time. If you are coming across such problem, then go ahead and read the steps to fix Wi-Fi problems encountered on Kindle Fire 7 after connecting it through Netgear Ex2700 setup.

  1. First of all, you need to restart all the network devices available at home. These are a modem, router and Netgear Range Extender 2700. If all these devices are restarted and you are still getting the problem, then you must check the Kindle Fire7 tablet.
  2. After restarting the device, restart your Kindle Fire 7. The sequence for restarting the devices are like Router followed by Extender then finally kindle.
  3. Forget the network SSID from your Kindle and re-configure it by adding the SSID manually and enter the password in the space provided. If SSID is auto-filled, then no need to enter it again.
  4. Check the Sleep settings of Wi-Fi on your Kindle. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi network gets disabled if left idle for some time. If you don’t know How to disable Sleep mode on your Kindle, then you can contact Kindle experts.
  5. Open Home screen of kindle and go to ‘Settings’.
  6. Go to ‘Apps’ and click on ‘Wi-Fi’.
  7. Open ‘Advanced’ settings from Drop-Down menu.
  8. Check the Sleep Settings of your Kindle and select the one according to your choice and need.

The following settings will be displayed on the screen:

  • Sleep when the screen turned off. In this mode, the connection to the Extender will be disabled right after turning off the Kindle.
  • Never when plugged in. If you have plugged the Kindle into the power socket, then the Network connection gets disabled.
  • The best option to select is ‘Never disconnect Wi-Fi connection’. If the problem still exists, you can ask the experts.
  1. The final step is to check the apps which have been installed recently in the Kindle device. Sometimes, there are some apps which start creating a problem with the Wi-Fi connection and doesn’t allow you to connect to the Netgear Ex2700 networking device. It is always advisable not to download any app from unknown sources.

After implementing the above-mentioned fixes, you will be able to solve the network problem with the Kindle Fire 7. In case, your Kindle doesn’t get connected to the network, you can check the internet connection then and call your internet service provider. If there is any problem with the internet, the service executives of Internet service provider will solve it and inform the same to y

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