How To Link Netgear Ex2700 Extender To The Airport?

Netgear range Extender Setup

By connecting the Netgear Ex2700 to the Apple AirPort device, you can extend the range of your network and provide services like AirPlay over the network. You need to put the device into bridge mode before connecting. However, we all know that we cannot connect two devices as primary router together. For this, the AirPort Express can be used as a client for the wireless receiver. So, you can use the Client mode feature.

Bridging Explained

If we talk of bridging in a network, then it is a bridge that is used to connect two segments of given network together. Bridging is done to extend the range of existing network beyond the regular capabilities where the network strength is poor or below the level. With Bridging, you can run multiple wireless access points over one network. Basically, in bridging setup, one router is used as a primary router while other act as a bridge mode disabling the router function. You will be amazed to hear that both Apple device and Netgear Ex2700 can be used under bridge mode there is no as such restriction or limitation on any device.

Netgear Bridging

Another method to connect the Extender to the Apple device is by connecting the Netgear device as bridge and AirPort device as a primary router. For this, both the devices must be connected to the internet over Ethernet cable. Open ‘Netgear’ menu and click on ‘Enable Bridge mode’ from wireless settings. Finally, go to ‘Setup Bridge mode wireless settings’. Enter the name of the network of AirPort device into the name field and save the settings.

AirPort Bridging

If there is a network configured already on Netgear device, then you can use your AirPort device as the wireless bridge. For this, connect both the devices to the Ethernet and open ‘AirPort Utility’. Go to ‘AirPort’ and click on ‘Network’. Finally, go to ‘Off’ bridge mode’ from router mode to put the device into bridge mode. In the AirPort Bridge mode, you will find the advanced features available in this mode function like Printer sharing and wireless time machine support.

Client Mode

Apple AirPort devices can be entered into client mode. This mode makes the AirPort a wireless receiver, allowing it to provide the connectivity wirelessly to the wired-only devices. Unlike other modes, there is no need to connect any of the devices through wired connection. To connect the AirPort to the device over the Ethernet, open ‘AirPort utility’ and go to ‘AirPort devices’. Click on ‘Add to Existing network’ from ‘more options’ menu. Select ‘Netgear network’ from the list of available networks and click ‘Select’.

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