How To Resolve Intermittent Wireless Connection In Netgear Ex2700 Range Extender

Experiencing connection issues in a Wi-Fi Range Extender is never good, but it is a common problem, which many users face on a day-to-day basis. If you are using Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender and facing the problem of intermittent wireless connection, then you can go through the below-mentioned steps to fix the problem.

The process can be applied for Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender Ex2700 as well, so if you are using this particular model, then here is how you can fix the connection problem.


  1. The first thing that you need to check if the Wi-Fi extender is connected to a power adapter given along with the product and into a working power outlet.
  2. Then, you will have to make sure that the extender is in proximity to the wireless router, and the client device is also connected to the Wi-Fi Extender’s network.
  3. Now, you will have to open the Wi-Fi Extender GUI by going to
  4. If you are being asked for your email and password, then you need to enter the email and password that you have entered at the time of setting up of Wi-Fi Range Extender account. If you are seeing the options of ‘Username’ and ‘Password’, then you need to enter ‘admin’ in the ‘Username’ and ‘password’ in the ‘Password’ field. If these details don’t work, then you might have changed the username and password in the past, so you need to recall those details and enter them.
  5. You will now have to check if the Wi-Fi extender Ex2700 has the most recent firmware or not. If it doesn’t have the latest firmware version, then you will have to upgrade the firmware to the latest.
  6. If there is a new firmware available, then you will be alerted with the same. The alert will appear at the top of the Extender GUI. You can click on the alert to update the firmware.
  7. If not, then you will have to click in the ‘Device Update’ page. Click ‘Check’ to see if there is a new firmware update available and if there is, then you can go ahead with the installation of the update.
  8. Once the process of updating the firmware is finished, you will have to reset the Wi-Fi Range Extender by inserting a pointed device into the reset hole of the Extender for half a minute. Once the extender has been reset, you need to wait for the Wi-Fi Extender EX2700 to boot up properly. The power light will either turn white or solid green, so check if you see either of the two lights.
  9. You can now connect your device(s) through wired or Wi-Fi network of the extender.
  10. Finally, reconfigure the Wi-Fi Extender again by getting in touch with Netgear Ex2700 Setup help and support providers.
  11. If the connection problem exists after performing the steps, then you need to get in touch with Netgear Extender help and support providers

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