What Are The Steps For Configuring Netgear DSL Modem Using Genie Interface?

Do you want to know the steps for configuring the Netgear DSL modem using Genie Interface? Well, in this post we will discuss how to configure through easy and simple steps. You must read all the steps carefully.

The steps are common for all the Netgear models and are tested by the experts, so you can perform without any hustle.

In case you are using any traditional router, then click on ‘Configure DSL using smart interface’. Now, we are going to discuss the steps for configuring the modem with the Genie interface.

  1. Connect the phone line to the modem through a microfilter. If you don’t know about the filter, then you can search online. Connect the modem to the PC with the help of an Ethernet cable. There are more than 2 ports for connecting the modem to the computer.
  2. Turn on the modem by connecting to the power adapter provided in the box. Connect the adapter to the power supply.
  3. Wait for the power LED to turn green. It will take 5-10 seconds.

Note: If you are using a router that was already configured on any other network, then first reset the router by pressing the reset button. You need to factory reset the router. This will delete all the data.

  • Launch a web browser from the computer and connect the router with it. This will launch the Netgear Genie setup page on its own. If no such page opens, you can enter the IP address of the router manually. To confirm the IP address, you can roll-over the device and check the sticker pasted in the rear of the device.
  • You will find the login page opened on the screen. Click ‘Yes’ if the prompted message appears.
  • Select the region from where you are going to configure the router.
  • Tap ‘Next’.
  • The setup wizard will now fetch the ‘Internet type and connection’.
  • If you have a PPPoE type connection for the DSL line, then enter the username and the password given by the ISP. You can contact them directly over the phone call.
  • Click ‘Next’ after entering the details in the respective field.
  • The router will verify the settings. Once done, you can run the network test by opening the browser. Tap ‘Take me to the internet’ option. You can now start accessing the internet from any smart device. If you are using the laptop for accessing internet, then enter the password of the router’s SSID and connect to the internet.

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