What Simple Steps Can Be Applied To Setup Netgear Ex2700 In Bridge Mode?

Netgear Ex2700 In Bridge Mode

Do you want to enhance the performance of your network or want to replace the existing router? If yes, then we want to tell you that your old router will remain in use if you want to. You can use the existing router for bridging the network. Moreover, the signal strength can be increased with the router. You might be wanting to know the steps for the same. Well, the steps are going to be discussed here as under.

When you connect the existing Ex2700 to the new one, you will find the difference in the network speed. The signal strength in the weak areas will automatically get improved and you can browse the internet in every corner of the house. The worry of placing the router in a specific direction can be averted by using Bridge mode for Ex2700. The old Netgear Ex2700 will boost and amplify the signal receiving at the modem.

Now, the steps to setup Netgear range extender Ex2700 in a bridge mode are going to be discussed here as under. Before starting with the step, we would like to let you know the pre-requisites of the setup. If you satisfy the pre-requisites, then only you can create the Bridge mode.

  • The channel should be the same on the router and on the AP. If it is different then change them and make the The steps to make the channel same are available on the internet.
  • The bridge mode must be supported by your Netgear router. If you don’t know whether the router supports the Bridge mode or not, you can check the list of products supporting Bridge mode from the Netgear Enter the model number in the search menu and press ‘Enter’. All the configuration details and the support for the product will be displayed on the screen.

Now the steps for setup are discussed below. You must read the steps carefully and then implement on your device.

  1. Connect the router to the port out of the given ports.
  2. Enter the IP address of your router on the computer browser.
  3. Click ‘Enter’.
  4. You are now prompted to enter the username and password.
  5. Open ‘Wireless settings’ and click on ‘Bridge network’.
  6. Click to enable ‘AP’ so that it gets connected to the router.
  7. Now, enter the WLAN/MAC settings of your Ex2700 router in the desired field.
  8. Place the router nearer to the new router for the time being till the connection gets established.
  9. Use your router as a wireless bridge now.
  10. The network strength will be enhanced now with proper signal strength at each and every corner of the house.

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